Fly Tipping Clear Up - Curdworth/Coleshill with DAVE REILLY

Dave Reilly our Candidate for Coleshill NorthGreat pushed hard for a clear up and to to see that the Environment Agency starting work clearing the commercial fly tips on the banks of the Tame at the M42 bridge and in Lea Marston following his request.

Labour Boundary Change Bombshell

Press Release 28th February 2017

Craig Tracey MP and Cllr David Reilly

North Warwickshire and Bedworth


Labour Boundary Change Bombshell - ‘North Warwickshire Labour Party proposals to break up our community is a betrayal of local people’

Important Information Regarding Coleshill Banks

Following a number of queries from residents regarding planned bank closures on Coleshill High Street, local councillor Stacey Ingram has met with representatives from Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC to discuss how planned closures will affect local residents.

Conservatives Approve Borough Care Reforms

At a recent Meeting of Full Council in North Warwickshire, Conservative Councillors approved to secure the future of Borough Care through a number of reforms.

Conservatives Keep Arley Open

At a recent meeting of North Warwickshire Borough Council's Community & Environment Board Conservative Councillors voted to include Arley Sports Centre in the forthcoming leisure review.