Statement Regarding the Arley & Whitacre By-Election

Local Conservative Councillor Andrew Watkins has resigned from North Warwickshire Borough Council after serving for 5 Years as a Councillor.

Councillor David Humphreys, Leader of North Warwickshire Borough Council stated that: "It is with great regret that Andrew has taken the decision to resign. He was a greatly respected Councillor in both Arley & Whitacre ward and in his former seat of Coleshill South. I wish Andrew all the best for the future and in whatever path he chooses.

There will obviously be a forthcoming by-election and we will put to residents our case to retain the seat. We have shown over the past year in administration that local Conservatives deliver. We voted tokeep Arley leisure centre open whilst the Labour group abstained, proving that they haven’t listened to the feedback from residents. We have also pledged to include Arley leisure centre in the Council's review of leisure facilities and we will continue to work with the local residents group to ensure thatthe facility delivers what residents want.

We will also continue to fight for residents on Daw Mill whilst it goes through public enquiry and willcampaign to ensure that any plans by Harworth estates to use Daw Mill as an industrial estate will be stopped.

There will be a clear choice at this by-election; a responsible Conservative councillor who will ensure that the residents of Arley & Whitacre ward get the best deal possible and that their voice is heard, or a Labour councillor who will fail to stand up for local people"