As Polling Day Approaches, It's Time For Change At The Borough Council

As Polling Day for the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council elections draws near, local Bedworth Conservatives candidates and supporters are working hard to bring change to the make up of the Council. And it seems their positive message of local action and fresh ideas for change are finding a receptive audience.

Key issues on the doorsteps include Labour's plans to develop large parts of the local greenbelt, the state of Bedworth's town centre, high car parking charges and the failure of the Council to clean up litter. Our candidates and supporters in Bedworth have carried out litter picks across all areas of the town, supported local greenbelt campaigners opposed to Labour's Borough housing plans, including attending meetings with the Government's Planning Inspector. They are now recognised by the public as the hard working team that's involved in the community year round - unlike Labour who only appear at election time.

Speaking about the elections, the Chairman of Bedworth Conservatives Damon Brown said,

"This is the best local election campaign we have ever run in Bedworth. We have an excellent group of active candidates who have been working hard over the last year. They've been listening to what residents in Bedworth are concerned about. They've helped get problems such as potholes repaired and litter cleared. They've taken a leading role in the fight to preserve the local greenbelt from Labour's irresponsible building plans. All this hard work is now paying off and many people who are lifelong Labour supporters are now telling us that they're switching to the Conservatives

Our candidates are:-

Kyle Evans - Slough Ward

Anne Llewellyn- Nash - Heath Ward

Owen Reed - Bede Ward

Bhagwant Pandher - Poplar Ward

Damon Brown - Exhall Ward

Polling Day is Thursday 3rd May 2018