Important Information Regarding Coleshill Banks

Following a number of queries from residents regarding planned bank closures on Coleshill High Street, local councillor Stacey Ingram has met with representatives from Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC to discuss how planned closures will affect local residents. Cllr Ingram was able to get the following information from each of the banks:



There are no current plans to close the branch on Coleshill High Street, although Lloyds is assessing whether the branch is still viable. The staff are encouraging people to use the local branch, particularly the machines in the foyer for making deposits. The manager at the branch is more than happy to discuss any concerns that customers may have, and his contact details are available from Cllr Ingram – please email for more information.



As customers will be aware, the branch is due to close on 30th September, but a number of provisions have been made to lessen the impact for customers. The majority of services offered by the branch will now be offered by the Post Office – customers can deposit and withdraw cash at the Post Office up to the normal daily limit and they can also deposit cheques at the Post Office too. Customers wishing to deposit cheques will need a Barclays envelope to do this and these can be collected from the Barclays branch before they close although the Post Office will have a limited number in stock too. The nearest alternative branches will be either in Castle Bromwich or on the Coventry Road, although for those reliant on public transport from Coleshill there is a direct bus service to Sutton Coldfield where there is also a Barclays branch open from 9.30am-4.30pmMon-Fri and 10.00am – 2.00pm on Saturdays. Staff are available to discuss the impact of the branch closure with local residents and are happy to arrange a home visit for customers who may struggle to get into the branch. They are also offering a number of training sessions for customers who wish to learn more about online banking and digital services. Please contact Cllr Ingram for more information at



As customers will be aware, the branch is due to close on 23rd September but provisions have been made to lessen the impact for customers. Many transactions offered in branch can now be carried out at the Post Office. Customers will be able to deposit cheques and cash and withdraw money up to their daily limit although to deposit a cheque you will need a HSBC envelope which you can collect from the branch before they close or request by calling 03457 404 404. Unfortunately, despite repeated requests the staff in branch were unable to give a direct contact number for someone in branch to deal with any customer queries or concerns surrounding the upcoming closure and said that anyone wishing to discuss this can either visit the branch or call 03457 404 404.


For any further information on any of these closures or to obtain contact details for staff in branch who can help with any concerns, please contact Cllr Ingram.