Craig Tracey MP Welcomes News of Junction 10 Anouncement from HS2

Following a long campaign, North Warwickshire MP Craig Tracey was delighted to learn that HS2 have changed their plans for how the high-speed train will travel under Junction 10 of the M42, replacing the proposed cut and cover tunnel with a 2km bored tunnel.  

This new proposal will vastly reduce disruption to local residents during the construction phase and when the train is up and running.  The original plans for the cut and cover tunnel would have involved lengthy road works to the J10 island, the temporary diversion of the M42 close to Birchmoor and threatened to turn an existing traffic pinch point into gridlock. 

Commenting on the news, Mr Tracey said “Although I will continue to fight to stop HS2, this announcement brings some relief for North Warwickshire.  It means that residents living near the proposed line and commuters using our local road network, will experience far less of an impact from phase 2b of the HS2 project than they would have under the original plans.  I am particularly pleased for the residents of Birchmoor who no longer have to endure the movement of the M42 towards their village.”

John Bailey of Maritime Transport, who are based at Birch Coppice said, “We welcome this proposal which will help to ensure the continued prosperity of the area. Craig has helped us to engage with HS2 and other local businesses to ensure that they were aware of the potential disruption at what is a key strategic motor junction."  

In the run up to the most recent HS2 2b consultation the North Warwickshire MP held a number of information events to encourage as many local residents and businesses to let HS2 know the impact their proposals would have on the lives of those who live and work in our area. He was pleased to note, when explaining the changes at Junction 10, the Secretary of State specifically mentioned that feedback from local people had led HS2 to reconsider the design.  Although he hasn’t managed to stop the project in its tracks yet, Craig continues to encourage residents to engage with HS2 as this announcement shows that it is possible to achieve changes.

The new proposals are part of a further consultation by which will run until 6th September 2019 at 11.45am.  Further details can be found on HS2’s website:

HS2 will also be running two engagement Events in North Warwickshire:

Polesworth Tithe Barn, 2nd July, 2pm to 8pm 

Austrey Village Hall, 4th July, 2pm to 8pm

If any constituent would like help with taking part in the consultation or with any other HS2 related matter, Craig would be happy to assist:; Tel 01827 715243