Craig calls for support to promote more tourism locally

North Warwickshire and Bedworth’s Member of Parliament Craig Tracey has questioned Culture Secretary, and Kenilworth and Southam MP Jeremy Wright, about what the Government can do to enhance tourism in the local community.

Craig Tracey MP, who recently visited Middleton Hall, believes there are many ‘hidden gems’ in North Warwickshire and Bedworth which are not as well-known as some of their southern county equivalents.

Speaking in Parliament Mr Tracey said:

“As a fellow Warwickshire MP, he is obviously very aware of the draw that our local area brings. Unfortunately, many miss the opportunity to see the north of the county and the hidden gems up there, such as Middleton hall, our historic towns and the beautiful rural countryside, instead concentrating more on the south of the county. What role can Government initiatives such as the cultural development fund play in helping these lesser known tourist attractions in the north to fully realise their potential?”

Responding Mr Wright commented:

“As he says, I am familiar with the challenge he sets out, and he is right to focus on the cultural development fund, which is £20 million that can be used to open up the potential of various parts of this country. He will know that we are moving in the new year towards an announcement as to who has been successful in their bids under that fund. He is right that it is important that, even in counties such as Warwickshire, we are able to make sure that those visitors who come to the major honeypot attractions such as Warwick castle and Stratford can see what the rest of the county and beyond have to offer, whether that is Middleton hall, Kenilworth castle or other opportunities—there are many of them. Time spent in Warwickshire is time very well spent.”

Speaking afterwards Craig Tracey pointed to a number of local examples:

“There are plenty of visitor attractions with a rich history, interest and activities in North Warwickshire and Bedworth; such as Kingsbury Waterpark, Polesworth Abbey, Bedworth’s Armistice Day and Alms Houses, the Atherstone Ball Game, market towns and walks in beautiful countryside to name but a few. I am keen that we promote more tourism to the north of our county which in turn will boost our local economy.”