Conservatives Keep Arley Open

At a recent meeting of North Warwickshire Borough Council's Community & Environment Board Conservative Councillors voted to include Arley Sports Centre in the forthcoming leisure review. Conservative Councillors also decided to reduce opening hours and to open the centre to alternative community uses to increase usage and boost the membership, Labour Councillors voted against the proposals to keep the centre open. This decision comes after a three month consultation and discussions with the Keep Arley Sports Centre Open group. The decision was later ratified at Full Council. 
Councillors Colin Hayfield & Mark Simpson, Members for Arley & Whitacre Ward said "The consultation and petition has proved how much residents value Arley Leisure Centre. We are really pleased that the Council's Community Board has recognised this and taken the decision to defer a decision on the future of the Arley Leisure Centre and consider it as part of forthcoming  Borough Wide Leisure Review. There is now time to increase the use of the Centre, increase Membership, and create a more sustainable future for this important local facility."
Conservative MP for North Warwickshire Craig Tracey stated “I am pleased that the Council took the time to consider all possible options and reflected on the responses from local people and the action group. The Conservative group on North Warwickshire Borough Council are working hard to ensure good management of local services and finances, which is not always easy. I know that many people in Arley and the surrounding villages will be pleased with the decision to keep the sports centre open.”