Conservatives Approve Borough Care Reforms

At a recent Meeting of Full Council in North Warwickshire, Conservative Councillors approved to secure the future of Borough Care through a number of reforms. The Council approved proposals to charge for the service to enable the improvement and modernisation of the Borough Care Service. The council ran a consultation earlier in the year with existing users in which a majority of the 871 service users who responded overwhelmingly in favour of the proposals and showing how valued the service is to residents.
Council Leader David Humphreys added “The consultation showed us just how much of a valued service Borough Care is. We made customers fully aware of the £1.73 million worth of savings that we need to make over the next three years and by asking for a small contribution to fund Borough Care we can secure its future for the long haul.”
Chairman of the Resources Board and Deputy Leader, Councillor David Wright said that "Over 53% of elderly people in North Warwickshire use Borough Care, Charging will enable us to make improvements to the service to modernise it and to better advertise the service to increase the users to more disabled and elderly residents. For those residents that are concerned about affordability, there are systems in place to ensure that they are referred to agencies who can provide help and advice on care costs."