BedworthPony Sanctuary Passes First Hurdle

Victory For Bedworth Residents As Conservative Councillors Vote To Give Pony Sanctuary The Go Ahead

Conservative councillors on the planning committee have successfully voted through plans to renovate Hall Farm in Exhall as a pony sanctuary. The Sanctuary will preserve the local greenbelt site for the benefit of local residents and visitors including disabled and other groups. Local Conservatives backed the views of residents who have given the Pony Sanctuary plan a big thumbs-up. Many Labour Councillors tried to throw out the Sanctuary plan so that the greenbelt site can be bulldozed to make way for a massive industrial park that is opposed by residents. have alternatively supported building an industrial estate on this land.

Local Councillor Anne Llewellyn-Nash voted for the pony sanctuary. Anne said,

"I am extremely heartened that after losing so many local landmarks and amenities, that we are now one step closer to having this reputable charity set up shop in our town. Such sanctuaries give a lifeline to neglected and abused animals, and help people suffering from illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder and depression."

Speaking at the meeting, Exhall's new Councillor Damon Brown said,

"I am glad that the case I put forward was listened to. It was worrying that most Labour councillors voted against this, citing shaky evidence on the impact to the roads. Which begs the question: If Labour don't think our roads and residential areas can handle 10 horseboxes, how will they handle hundreds of HGV's? I will continue to give the sanctuary my full support."

This outcome was only possible due to result of the elections in May this year, which saw 4 new Conservative Councillors elected in Bedworth.